Our Minneapolis car accident attorneys will most often advise you to speak with a lawyer before speaking with an insurance company. You never want to give insurance companies a chance to take advantage of your vulnerable situation. Working with a lawyer helps you throughout the entire process, including when insurance companies request a recorded statement.

Never offer a recorded statement without a lawyer on your side.

What’s a Recorded Statement?

Recorded statements are often used against claimants. Insurance adjusters request these recorded statements hoping that the claimant will say something that negatively impacts their claim. If the insurance company can get an apologetic quote on record, they may use that against you.

When insurance companies request a recorded statement, you have the right to have them speak with your legal team instead.

How Do Insurance Adjusters Use Recorded Statements?

Insurance adjusters usually know the answers – or what they presume to be true – when asking you questions. They want to know what you will say and how you’ll answer their questions. If you say something that counters what they know or contradicts your previous statement, they’ll utilize it accordingly to minimize your claim.

If you hire a lawyer, insurance companies know that you are serious about safeguarding your rights. They can ask your attorney questions about your situation, but they will only get the same answers they know and facts about your case.

At GoldenbergLaw, PLLC, our goal is to safeguard you from insurance companies who put money over your needs. Trust that our Minneapolis car accident attorneys will work to help you throughout the process. We know how insurance companies operate after a crash, and when it’s time to talk, we will stand in your corner to do the talking on your behalf.

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