Car accidents are, unfortunately, commonplace in our world. With countless individuals partaking in negligent actions on the road, they cause some of the most severe injuries and property damage. You might have to deal with insurance adjusters in the weeks that follow an accident.

Recognizing how insurance adjusters approach a car accident claim can help you navigate the process while protecting your rights. It also helps to have a car accident lawyer on your side so that you can have peace of mind at every step of the process.

Here are some of the things you need to know about insurance adjusters:

  • They only act friendly
  • They put profit over people
  • They use their own values
  • They don’t want you to hire a lawyer

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They Only Act Friendly

Insurance adjusters often approach you with a friendly demeanor. They’ll tell you how sorry they are that you experienced the situation you did. However, they often act friendly because they want you to trust them. They want you to believe whatever they say because it’s more likely you will accept whatever settlement they offer you.

While some may generally feel bad about your situation, you should always act with caution. Insurance adjusters have a priority to protect their profits. They don’t want to help claimants if it means having to pay out significant settlements. Instead, work with a lawyer and prevent insurance adjusters from taking advantage of your rights.

They Put Profit Over People

Insurance companies want to protect their profits, even when people have a valid compensation claim. People who suffer severe injuries in car accidents need compensation, especially when others are negligent. Still, insurance companies care about minimizing claims and keeping settlements as low as possible.

They Use Their Own Values

Insurance adjusters have in-network medical professionals and other professionals who work to determine your losses. However, that evaluation may differ from your doctor or auto repair specialist of choice.

When insurance companies try to minimize how much you deserve, you should work with a lawyer who can help you maximize your losses. The quicker you get a legal team on your side, the better. It helps you hold negligence accountable while also putting your best interests first.

They Don’t Want You to Hire a Lawyer

The last thing that insurance adjusters want is for you to hire a lawyer. They might try to convince you that you can handle your claim on your own. However, it’s usually in your best interests to put legal counsel on your side from the moment you suffer the crash.

You should hire a lawyer because it prevents you from having your rights taken advantage of by large corporations who collect on high monthly premiums. And they hesitate to pay out compensation when it matters most. A lawyer holds negligence accountable, protects you from tactics that insurance companies use, and maximizes your potential recovery.

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Our Minneapolis car accident attorneys care about you. We know you’re in a tough situation physically, financially, and mentally. It’s our goal to stand by your side and help you seek the compensation you deserve. When you hire our team to represent you, trust that you get advocacy where legal skill combines with scientific understanding for you.

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