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If you or a loved one suffered sexual abuse by a clergy member, massage therapist, teacher, coach, or a figure of authority you trusted, Contact our team of Minneapolis Sexual Abuse Attorneys today for a free consultation. We have successfully represented survivors of sexual abuse and have the expertise you need to fight for justice. 

Your Story Matters

Survivors of sexual abuse experience profound trauma and the effects can reverberate throughout their lives. After suffering abuse, the trauma is compounded if survivors are not believed or are pressured to keep quiet. Survivors are often told that their story does not matter. 

But here at Goldenberg Lauricella, we want all survivors to know that your story matters to us. You matter to us. We are here to help you get justice. Contact our team today to learn about how we can help you.

Sexual Abuse at Massage Envy

Getting a massage is supposed to be a relaxing and healing experience. You expect to be safe. However, that safety and relaxation are shattered if your massage therapist sexually abuses you. 

Hundreds of women say they were sexually abused by their massage therapists at Massage Envy locations nationwide. Many women reported the abuse to the company; however, many of these claims were not addressed and some were even dismissed. Sadly, many of these cases lead back to allegedly negligent hiring practices by Massage Envy. Sadly, some Massage Envy therapists had been accused of multiple instances of sexual assault while working as therapists and some had a history of sexual assault or other violent conduct prior to being hired. But in many of these cases the company did nothing until criminal charges or civil lawsuits were filed, and in doing so needlessly exposed many other men and women to perpetrators. 

 At Goldenberg Lauricella, we want survivors to know that your story matters to us and we want to help you get justice. Around the country, survivors are suing Massage Envy for the trauma they endured. Call our Massage Envy Sexual Assault lawyers today to learn how we can help you. 

Catholic Church Clergy sexual Abuse

Clergy members are in positions of power and trust in their congregations and communities. However, that power is abused and the trust is destroyed when a clergy member sexually abuses someone. Many of these sexual abuse survivors are children. Over the last two decades, multiple investigations have exposed clergy sexual abuse in the Catholic Church around the world. Many states have changed their sexual abuse statute of limitations to allow survivors of abuse that occurred decades ago to bring new lawsuits. 

While the Catholic Church tried to silence survivors of abuse, here at Goldenberg Lauricella we want to hear your story. We are here to help you. Our team at Goldenberg Lauricella has provided the Gold Standard of advocacy to our clients for more than 38 years. Contact us today for a free Catholic Church sexual abuse lawsuit consultation.

An independent report released in May 2020 exposed years of sexual abuse by Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) clergy members. The report also uncovered years of SBC-coordinated cover-ups that attempted to silence survivors while protecting the church from liability. The SBC wanted to silence survivors’ voices and prevent them from seeking justice. Your story matters to us at Goldenberg Lauricella. Our team has worked for over 38 years to be the voice for survivors who have been shamed and silenced. Reach out to us today to learn how we can help you with a sexual abuse lawsuit.

Institutional Sexual Abuse

Sadly, sexual abuse is not limited to the entities listed above. The horrors of sexual abuse can occur at any institution– even the places where you think you and your loved ones will be safest. Over the years we have heard horrific stories of sexual abuse at:

    • Summer camps
    • Schools
    • School-affiliated extra-curricular activities such as sports, theatre, and debate
    • Correctional and juvenile detention facilities
    • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
    • Mental health facilities
    • Nursing homes
    • Assisted living centers 

The common thread among these stories is an institutional failure to properly screen the individuals tasked with assisting the most vulnerable among us. This failure ranges from a lack of background testing or lax hiring procedures that sacrifice thoroughness for convenience. 

Contrary to popular belief, sexual abuse is often committed by someone the survivor is familiar with. We have heard countless stories of survivors experiencing abuse at the hands of those they were supposed to trust the most: camp counselors, teachers, coaches, nurses, doctors, and caretakers. Sadly, these perpetrators take advantage of their positions of authority and use that power to commit unthinkable acts of violence. It is far past time for these perpetrators to be held accountable. 

Sexual abuse lurks in many institutions, but survivors may be afraid to report it due to fear that they will not be believed. Know this – the Sexual Abuse Attorneys at Goldenberg Lauricella want to hear your story. Your story matters to us. You matter to us. Sexual abuse is abhorrent, and our team can help you get justice. 

You Matter to Goldenberg Lauricella

If you or a loved one is a survivor of sexual abuse, contact the Minnesota Sexual Abuse Attorneys at Goldenberg Lauricella today. Our mission is to help survivors of sexual abuse get the justice they deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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