Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse

If you or a loved one suffered abuse by a Southern Baptist clergy member, pastor, or church worker, the Southern Baptist Convention Abuse Lawyers at GoldenbergLaw are here to help you. Contact our team today so that we can help you get justice.

Your Story Matters

The Southern Baptist Convention Abuse Lawyers at GoldenbergLaw are horrified by the egregious harms perpetrated by members of the SBC, and we want to help survivors of this sexual abuse get justice. Not only are the sexual abuses appalling, but that trauma is compounded by how the SBC made survivors feel like their stories and lived experiences did not matter. Rather than acting to stop the rampant sexual abuse, the SBC launched a coordinated campaign for decades to demean survivors and make them doubt themselves in an effort to shield the church from liability. The SBC had many opportunities over decades to stop the abuse and help survivors, but it chose instead to focus on protecting the abusers. GoldenbergLaw is focused on getting justice for survivors.

Thousands of people were put at risk of sexual abuse as a result of the cover-up, because the SBC refused to act to stop that abuse. Instead, the SBC spent decades humiliating survivors who did come forward and communicating to survivors that their stories did not matter. At GoldenbergLaw, we want all survivors to know that their stories do indeed matter. We are here to listen, and we are here to pursue justice on behalf of survivors for the egregious harms they suffered.

Report Exposes Decades of Abuse in the Southern Baptist Convention and a Coordinated Cover-up

In May 2022, the third-party Guidepost Solutions released an investigative report about abuse in Southern Baptist churches from 2000 through 2021. That report detailed how the denomination suppressed a myriad of sexual abuse allegations. The report noted that the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC)’s top leaders suppressed reports of sexual abuse, opposed reform proposals, and humiliated and discouraged survivors who came to them for help. The report also revealed the SBC Executive Committee’s internal list of 703 pastors, youth leaders, clergy members, and other church workers who were suspected of sexually abuse. The list was compiled over a decade and shared within SBC’s top leadership.

The report also explained that, for two decades, abuse survivors contacted the Southern Baptist leadership to report the abuse but that church leaders vilified and humiliated them rather than prevent further abuse. The report further commented on the treatment survivors received from church leadership in detailing: “While stories of abuse were minimized, and survivors were ignored or even vilified, revelations came to light in recent years that some senior SBC leaders had protected or even supported alleged abusers.”

Southern Baptist Convention Releases List of Abusers in the Wake of Third-Party Report

In the wake of the Guidepost Solutions third-party report, the SBC released a previously secret list of hundreds of ministers and other church workers who had been accused of sexual abuse. The internal list was updated over a decade by SBC’s top leadership but was kept secret from the public despite repeated requests for a list of abusers.

The list covers offenses that go back decades, and each entry includes the alleged offender’s name, the year the offense was reported, the state where it took place, and a description of the abuse. SBC had the list all along but did not publish it and instead tried to keep survivors quiet to limit SBC’s legal liability for the abuse.

What is the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC)?

The SBC is the largest Protestant denomination in the United States with an estimated 14 million members across more than 47,000 churches. Tragically, this means there are likely thousands of abuse survivors who have been told that their stories do not matter.

You Matter to GoldenbergLaw

If you or a loved one was sexually abused by a Southern Baptist clergy member, pastor, minister, or other church worker, know that your story matters. We see you. We hear you. We are here to help you. The Southern Baptist Convention Abuse Lawyers at GoldenbergLaw have helped clients receive justice for more than 35 years, and we want you to know that you matter to our team.

Contact us today to learn about how we can help you.

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