After a crash, you deserve to seek compensation for your damages. Dealing with financial hardship while trying to recover from your physical pain is never easy. However, you can have peace of mind when getting a lawyer on your side and pursuing the full amount of compensation you need.

It’s vital to recognize the type of compensation you can recover and what makes up a fair settlement offer. You might be able to receive two types of compensation after your crash: economic and non-economic. We’ll explain what these are below.

Economic Damages: What They Include

When you seek economic damages, you have the necessary information to pursue a specific amount. Economic compensation covers the money you spent or lost because of the damages you have sustained as a result of your accident. These damages include:

  • Any out-of-pocket expenses for medical bills
  • The costs of fixing your property damage (vehicle repairs)
  • The income you cannot earn because your injury prevents you from working

You typically have receipts, statements, and other documents that show your losses.

Non-Economic Damages: What They Include

It is often more difficult to prove an amount for non-economic damages because you might not have the necessary documents to prove these losses. Instead, you need to have a diagnosis that you’re dealing with mental anguish and a lawyer who can favorably position your case. With the right legal team on your side, you can have confidence moving forward.

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