Have You Suffered in a Construction Accident?

Posted on 10/27/2015Back

Some jobs are inherently more dangerous than others and working on a construction site could definitely be classified as one of the most dangerous occupations. According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), 20.5% of all work-related deaths in 2014 occurred on construction sites. While construction occupations come with a certain risk, that doesn’t mean that accidents on a construction site didn’t occur because of negligence.

If you’ve been injured in a construction accident, you may have grounds to file a lawsuit for compensation. Your employer has a responsibility to keep you safe while you’re at work. This means that your employer must proactively provide the following:

  • A safe environment
  • Properly maintained equipment and tools
  • Effective safety training
  • Provide or require the proper safety equipment — glasses, hardhats, steel-toed boots, harnesses, handrails, etc.

If you were injured because your employer didn’t properly protect you or provide a safe workplace, you have recourse for financial compensation. Our Minneapolis injury attorneys can help you get compensation for your injuries and we can also help you if your employer is trying to deny paying you workmen’s compensation. Contact GoldenbergLaw today so we can get started and ensure that you get the care and coverage you need. Call us at 612-436-5026.

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