Our Minnesota accident lawyers always urge accident victims to seek medical attention immediately after a crash. If an ambulance was called to the scene, let the EMTs treat you. If there’s no ambulance, see your doctor as soon as possible.

But why is this so important? After all, most accidents are not high-speed affairs, and most participants walk away from an accident feeling fine. Is it really necessary to get medical attention after being involved in a fender bender?

The answer is yes, and for two reasons. First, many injuries take a long time to make themselves known. Back injuries and neck injuries, for example, often start as relatively mild aches before flaring into debilitating pain.

Your health is the most important issue here. A doctor will be able to diagnose an injury or at least advise you on how to proceed after your accident.

Second, seeing a doctor goes a long way toward protecting your legal rights. The law is all about evidence and documentation. Being able to prove that you sought the advice of a licensed medical professional will give your claims significant credibility.

Our accident lawyers understand that you’re busy, and hours spent in a doctor’s office can seem wasted. But that time could save you years of pain and suffering later.

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