What Should I Do If I’ve Been Hurt by a Defective Drug or Medical Device?

Posted on 09/20/2013Back

Every year tens of thousands of Americans are seriously hurt by the medicines and medical devices that are supposed to keep them healthy. The defective products attorneys at GoldenbergLaw have years of experience helping people throughout the entire country pursue justice and compensation for these incidents.

The steps you take in the immediate aftermath of your drug or device injury will go a long way toward determining the success of your claim, though there are no guarantees in personal injury law. Our defective products attorneys recommend you:

  • Acquire as much information about the device or drug as possible. This means finding out the full, legal name of the drug or device and pulling together all documentation from the prescribing doctor.
  • Get medical attention. This is vital for your health and wellbeing, but it will also prove helpful later when our Minneapolis defective products attorneys are pursuing a claim.
  • Speak to GoldenbergLaw. It’s impossible for most innocent victims to know if they have a claim in the immediate aftermath of their injuries. That’s why it’s so important you speak to a defective products attorney as soon as possible.

The manufacturers of these drugs and medical devices are often large companies with skilled legal teams on their sides. Pharmaceutical and device litigation is an extremely specialized area of law. Many personal injury attorneys do not know how these cases work, and it cannot be stressed enough that you should choose an attorney that does.

Our defective products attorneys help victims of defective drugs and medical devices from all across the nation. Please contact GoldenbergLaw today for a free consultation.

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