Surgical error is a particularly dangerous form of medical malpractice because the consequences are often lethal. One shockingly common example of surgical error comes when doctors actually leave instruments in patients after a surgery is complete.

The Minneapolis personal injury attorneys at GoldenbergLaw have more than 29 years of experience helping the people of Minnesota, and we understand the medical consequences of this type of mistake.

When a foreign object (such as a surgical instrument or piece of gauze) is left in your body after a procedure, your body treats it as a threat and attacks it with its full immune system response. The material left in your body can also cause a serious, life-threatening infection.

As a result of several high-profile cases, hospitals and other medical centers instituted strict policies requiring a careful accounting of surgical instruments before and after a procedure. However, these mistakes are still being made, and innocent people are still being hurt and killed.

Our personal injury attorneys understand the medical and legal issues involved. We’re well-positioned to help if you or a family member has suffered as a result of a misplaced surgical instrument or medical product.

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