At GoldenbergLaw, our attorneys are experts in litigating car accident and personal injury lawsuits. We realize that many Minneapolis-area car accidents are “fender benders,” but some crashes are more severe.

Here are five circumstances in which our personal injury lawyers can help if you find yourself in an auto-accident:

  • Number One: In the event that you are injured as the result of your car accident, you may need immediate and appropriate medical attention. An attorney can help ensure that your accident settlement covers the entire cost of your care.
  • Number Two: In an effort to quickly close your case, your insurance company (or the other driver’s insurance company) may offer you an insufficient dollar amount for your accident.
  • Number Three: Insurance adjusters may be quick to assign fault for your car accident when a deeper investigation is warranted.
  • Number Four: A personal injury attorney can thoroughly survey any property damage that goes beyond the accident damage to your car.
  • Number Five: When your car accident has caused you pain and suffering or mental anguish, a personal injury attorney will make sure that any settlement includes general damages for these circumstances.

If you are involved in a serious car, motorcycle or truck accident in the Minneapolis area, please contact GoldenbergLaw where one of our personal injury attorneys can explain and protect your legal rights. You can reach our Minnesota personal injury law firm online or call us directly for a free case consultation: (800) 504-0281.