What I Do for My Clients

Every day, I get to represent individuals and families all over the country who have been injured due to the failures of companies who put profits over people.  I have the privilege to meet those people, speak with them, hear their stories, and fight on their behalf.  That fight presents itself differently each day.  Some days may be filled with writing briefs and speaking with clients on the phone.  Other days may involve taking depositions of corporate representatives and combing through documents to discover where exactly everything went wrong.  Regardless of the day’s activities, I get to fight not only to bring justice to my injured clients but also to help hold those at fault accountable in an effort to prevent others from being hurt in the future.

Why I Love What I Do at GoldenbergLaw

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have clients trust me to truly represent them.  Each and every person who retains our firm has gone through something terrible that has thrown their life, and often the lives of their family members, out of balance.  In their attempt to find stability again, they need true representation.  They need someone who takes to heart the gravity of their situation and the incredible trust they must place in their attorney.  They need someone to stand up and speak out on their behalf.  I am truly honored that so many clients desire for that person to be me.

Beyond that, I love the back and forth of litigation, especially complex litigation of the sort we do here.  Not only do we have to master the law at issue in each case, but we also have to master the science involved and combine the two in a strategic way so as to maximize the chances of recovery for our clients.  It’s a difficult job, but it’s what I love!

Plus, I love doing my job with the people here at GoldenbergLaw.  My partners are phenomenally committed and talented attorneys who share my passion for representing the Davids of the world against corporate Goliaths.  And our staff channels that passion into everything they do and always puts our clients’ needs first.  It truly is amazing to work in a place where so many good people are so focused on such a great and shared goal.  I consider myself extremely fortunate to be a part of the GoldenbergLaw family.

What I Love to Do Outside the Office

I have been blessed with absolutely incredible loved ones, and my time outside the office is spent enjoying life with them.  My wife, Amy, and I enjoy cooking, traveling (Thailand and Belize being our favorite destinations so far), and cheering on our favorite Chicago sports teams.  Plus, we spend a lot of time nowadays playing with our twin four-year-old boys, Deacon and Tate, and helping them live life to the fullest.

Additionally, Amy is an attorney for Standpoint, a non-profit organization that provides free legal services to victims of domestic and sexual violence.  Given that I serve as the co-chair of the Board of Directors of another non-profit, Haven Housing, which provides women in crisis or transition with a stable and supportive environment, we also spend a lot of our time working in our community to better the lives of those around us.  And Deacon and Tate work right along beside us.  In our family, everyone gets involved in fighting for the underdog!