The Minnesota car accident lawyers at GoldenbergLaw always emphasize the importance of protecting yourself and your legal rights after an automobile accident.

What you do after your auto accident can play a huge role in determining the success or failure of any future legal claim.

The most important step to take after your accident is to treat your injuries. However, if you are able to do so without exacerbating your injuries or delaying treatment, we highly recommend that you gather information about the wreck while you’re still at the scene.

This means getting the name, contact information, and insurance information of the other driver or drivers involved in the accident. That might seem unnecessary in certain accidents where one driver is obviously at fault, but foregoing this step can lead to discrepancies in the future.

In addition, be sure to get the names and contact information of witnesses at the scene. Again, this is important even in the unlikely event that the other driver admits fault after the accident. Our Minnesota car accident lawyers have handled a number of cases where one driver admitted fault, then denied doing so later.

It also is a good idea to take a lot of pictures at the scene. Photograph the damage to your car, tire marks on the road (or lack thereof), as well as any damage to the surrounding environment.

Finally, get copies of any documentation produced as a result of your accident. This includes police and medical reports. Police reports are generally inadmissible in court, but they can provide useful facts and context for our Minnesota car accident lawyers.

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