spilled-talcum-powder-with-cross-sign-fingered-into-powderThe talcum powder/ovarian cancer litigation took another unexpected turn when the Third Circuit Court of Appeals found that the bankruptcy of Johnson & Johnson’s subsidiary, LTL Management, was not filed in good faith. The Court reasoned that LTL was not in financial distress and had no legitimate need for the relief provided through bankruptcy. This ruling reverses Judge Michael Kaplan’s decision to keep the cases in New Jersey bankruptcy court. As such, the bankruptcy court has been instructed to dismiss LTL’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy case.

J&J had previously spun off all of its talcum powder litigation liabilities into LTL Management using a controversial legal maneuver called the Texas Two Step. Shortly after offloading its liabilities to LTL, the subsidiary filed for bankruptcy despite its parent company being valued at over $400 billion.   

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A Long Awaited Victory for Plaintiffs

The Third Circuit’s decision is a tremendous and long-awaited victory for talcum powder plaintiffs and the American civil justice system. In overturning J&J’s controversial bankruptcy ploy, the Third Circuit took a stand against corporate America’s attempt to evade justice by hiding behind bankruptcy laws never designed to protect wealthy corporations or endorse wrongdoing. 

However, the Court’s decision also pushes the talcum powder litigation back into uncertain territory. J&J has requested an en banc review of the Third Circuit’s decision and may appeal the decision to the Supreme Court. This could add many more years to an already lengthy litigation.

As the talcum powder litigation enters yet another new chapter, GoldenbergLaw will continue telling our clients’ stories. Countless women trusted that J&J’s signature product was safe. They were told it should be used daily, that “just a sprinkle a day keeps the odor away.” All while J&J knew of the link between its talcum powder and ovarian cancer for decades.

Advocating For Talcum Powder Victims Since 2014

GoldenbergLaw has been representing women diagnosed with ovarian cancer after using talcum powder since 2014. Sadly, we have seen many clients’ courageous battles with ovarian cancer come to an end before justice could be properly served. Their families often continue the fight. Our resolve to obtain justice in their honor is stronger than ever. We are cautiously optimistic that this new chapter will ultimately result in a settlement program.

Women continue to develop ovarian cancer many years after using the product. There are also women who were distressed over the bankruptcy and never brought a case. Both of these types of cases may still be viable. Please contact the Minnesota Talcum Powder Attorneys at GoldenbergLaw today for a free case consultation.