Laxative Recall

Vi-Jon, LLC has expanded its voluntary recall of laxative products once again after reports of bacteria that can lead to life-threatening infections emerged. Although the product is supposed to relieve irregular constipation and produce bowel movements, three reports of adverse reactions causing serious and potentially life-threatening infections have already been reported. The product was sold nationwide through CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, and Walmart.

Here is a timeline of the Vi-Jon, LLC Magnesium Citrate Saline Laxative Oral Solution recalls:

June 22, 2022

On June 22, 2022, Vi-Jon, LLC issued a voluntary nationwide recall of one lot of the lemon-flavored CVS brand Magnesium Citrate Saline Laxative Oral Solution (10 FL OZ - 296 mL) because a third-party testing company uncovered one lot of the product that contained the bacteria Gluconacetobacter liquefaciens. This bacteria can be dangerous and potentially life-threatening, especially to people who have weakened immune systems.

July 15, 2022

On July 15, 2022, Vi-Jon, LLC expanded their voluntary nationwide recall of lemon-favored Magnesium Citrate Saline Laxative Oral Solution to include all lots of the product due to the presence of Gluconacetobacter liquefaciens.

July 25, 2022

On July 25, 2022, Vi-Jon, LLC further expanded the voluntary nationwide recall to include all flavors and lots of Magnesium Citrate Saline Laxative Oral Solution. The expansion extends the recall to all cherry and grape-flavored laxatives due to potential Gluconacetobacter liquefaciens.

As of the most recent recall, Vi-Jon, LLC has received three reports of serious adverse reactions caused by the product. The most at-risk individuals are those who are immunocompromised because the bacteria could lead to serious, life-threatening adverse health consequences due to infection.

What is Gluconacetobacter liquefaciens?

Gluconacetobacter liquefaciens is a bacteria that infects plants and can cause the spoilage of alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, and spirits. To date, there have not been any cases of the bacteria infecting animals and only one documented case of the bacteria infecting a human. This infection occurred in 2020 and was associated with severe immunodeficiency and liver cirrhosis.

Although none of the three adverse incident reports from the laxative recall have yet to be definitively linked to Gluconacetobacter liquefaciens, individuals who ingested the potentially contaminated product have experienced symptoms such as abdominal discomfort, pain, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. Children, pregnant women, the elderly, and especially those who are immunocompromised are susceptible to these adverse effects stemming from consuming the bacteria.

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