Exposure to dangerous chemicals can cause serious injury or even death. Proving injury and causation (that the chemical caused injury), can be challenging and largely depends on the size of the dose and the duration of exposure. Toxic exposure cases require attorneys with expertise in toxicology, epidemiology, and other sciences. The chemical exposure lawyers on our Minneapolis team have the expertise necessary to handle your case.

Case Quick Facts

Top Ten Toxic Substances Linked to Significant Injury

These are the top 10 toxic substances that are linked to significant injury:

  • Asbestos: Known to cause lung cancer known as mesothelioma and lung disease
  • Lead-based paint: Linked to brain damage, especially in children
  • Benzene: Linked to cancer
  • Mercury and Arsenic: Blood poisoning and impaired brain function
  • Tobacco: Various cancers
  • Talc: Perineal exposure linked to ovarian cancer
  • Dioxin and DDT: Known to cause brain injury
  • Radon: Linked to cancer
  • Colloidal silver: Known to cause Argyria
  • Glyphosate: An herbicide in Monsanto’s Roundup linked to cancer

Proving Toxic Exposure

Depending on the product/toxin, the injuries can vary. A thorough history of a person’s exposure to any type of chemicals is necessary for an expert to perform a differential diagnosis to determine the cause. The chemical exposure attorneys on our Minneapolis team have had 32 years of experience in proving these types of exposures and injuries. We have the knowledge and resources needed to take on large companies and prove your case.

Jobs With High Risk of Exposure

Certain jobs have a higher risk of toxic exposure than others. These are the jobs/industries with the highest risk for toxic exposure:

  • Industrial plant workers who use solvents
  • Painters
  • PVC plant workers who use vinyl chloride monomer
  • Manufacturers of benzene or benzene products
  • Oil refinery workers
  • Chemical lab workers
  • Rubber industry workers
  • Pesticide manufacturing
  • Printing/Newspaper
  • Paper and pulp manufacturing
  • Gasoline workers
  • Chemical and petrochemical plant workers
  • Oil tanker workers
  • Shipyard workers
  • Miners
  • Farm workers

GoldenbergLaw Can Help

In the last century, asbestos and many chemicals were widely used in several products around the United States. It often takes 20 to 50 years for cancers to form. The law recognizes that these injuries are not known until many years later. Call our firm for a free consultation to determine if a claim is still possible. In many cases, even if your loved one is now deceased you or your family may still have a claim.

Free Consultations

GoldenbergLaw offers free consultations to those who believe they may have a claim. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us: there is no charge and there is no obligation.

True Story

“Jim” was a chemist at a large company. Over the years, he worked in a lab with many types of hazardous chemicals. After about 10 years on the job, Jim was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Jim and his family hired GoldenbergLaw to investigate whether or not his cancer could be related to the chemicals he worked with. We had Jim document all the chemicals and the ways he used them, focusing on dose and duration. During our investigation, we discovered that another person in Jim’s company had also been diagnosed with the same rare type of cancer. We retained one of the country’s top experts in chemical exposure, and after litigation we were able to prove that the venting of the chemicals in the facility was a substantial contributing factor to Jim’s cancer, resulting in a substantial settlement for Jim and his family.

Why Choose GoldenbergLaw?

Due to the fact that cases like these are often time-sensitive, it’s important that you are calling an attorney you can trust. Our chemical exposure and toxic tort lawyers in Minnesota have the experience necessary to let you know up front if you have a claim. Contact us today!