Why Is Cross-Boring Dangerous?

Posted on 03/10/2014Back

If utility companies and other contractors don’t exercise reasonable care when installing sewage pipes, gas lines or cable lines, the results can be devastating and deadly. The Minnesota accident lawyers at GoldenbergLaw have seen the resulting gas explosions and understand how serious the problems are.

There is a web of lines and pipes beneath many houses in Minnesota. Making sure these all operate safely and effectively is a difficult task requiring skill, professionalism and proper assessment of potential risks. Sometimes, however, crews drill new lines through existing pipes using a technique called “cross-boring. This means a gas line can be drilled through a sewage pipe or vice versa. When a gas line is punctured in such a fashion, it becomes a ticking time bomb.

GoldenbergLaw’s accident lawyers have represented homeowners affected by these explosions. You can read our blogs for more information on the case of a St. Paul woman whose home was destroyed by a gas explosion, caused by cross-boring.

Utility companies have obligations to their customers, the most important of which is keeping them safe. When they fail in these obligations and cross-bore sewage or gas lines, innocent people can get hurt.

If you’ve been injured in a gas explosion anywhere in Minnesota, our accident lawyers can fight for you. Please contact GoldenbergLaw today for a free consultation.

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