Why Does Experience Matter in a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Posted on 05/22/2015Back

We often stress the importance of experience when choosing a personal injury lawyer. But you might be wondering why experience matters so much. After all, the law says that regardless of the attorney involved, and the facts of your case certainly don’t change.

However, it’s important to remember that the practice of law is different than the theory of it. You need a firm grasp of the latter to effectively practice law, but there’s no substitute for years of close, hands-on familiarity with the legal system.

Facts of a case might not change, but they’re not always obvious, and they’re not always easy to discover. Our personal injury lawyers have decades of experience investigating accidents and defective products, meaning we know where to look for relevant information regarding your case. An attorney without that experience might be stumped.

Or consider settlement negotiations. Is an offer fair? Is the other side’s apparent refusal to increase their offer legitimate or is it a bluff? The only way to answer these questions is through extensive experience – GoldenbergLaw understands how to represent our clients in negotiations.

Finally, a trial presents a unique challenge for a personal injury lawyer. The law might say one thing, but judges and juries are human beings. They respond positively to certain messages and negatively to others. We know how to win at trial because we have won at trial.

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