Tread Lightly When Purchasing a Hoverboard

Posted on 12/14/2015Back

Our Minneapolis-St. Paul personal injury attorneys are watching as the government's consumer product investigators look into recent hoverboard fires.Our personal injury attorneys in St. Paul and Minneapolis are watching with interest as the federal government’s consumer product investigators look into recent problems with off-brand hoverboards.

The New York Times and other media outlets are reporting that the Consumer Product Safety Commission is now investigating these futuristic, two-wheeled, gliding transportation devices — considered by some to be the “it” holiday gift this year — after dozens of reports fires and/or emergency room visits related to using the product.

Government investigators are particularly concerned about the fact that many defective hoverboards are already bought, wrapped, and waiting to be gifted.

This recent attention on hoverboard fires, which often happen while the devices are recharging, is but the latest round of bad press for manufacturers of the self-balancing boards.

Consider that:

  • Cities have banned hoverboards from municipal sidewalks.
  • Airports have banned hoverboard usage between terminals.
  • Airlines have banned the devices from planes.
  • Online stores, including, have decided hoverboards are too dangerous and pulled them from their inventory.

Although various hoverboard models are still available, this is quickly becoming a buyer beware situation.

If you do purchase a hoverboard, it is important to know that they remain unregulated by the U.S. federal government.

If you or someone you love is injured because of a hoverboard or another other popular but unregulated device, please contact the personal injury or defective product attorneys at GoldenbergLaw, which serves St. Paul and Minneapolis, for a free lawsuit consultation: 612-436-5026.

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