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“After becoming injured, I felt angry and overwhelmed. I needed to find legal representation, and there were many law firms to choose from. I chose the GoldenbergLaw firm to represent me after meeting with Noah and Stuart. There were many reasons why I hired them to represent me, but the main reason I chose this firm was because of the personal approach they take with their clients. They have the expertise, experience, and legal acumen combined with the understanding that this process can be emotionally difficult and overwhelming. They immediately took on the responsibility of managing the case (records, medical bills, weekly updates…etc.), which put me at ease and allowed me to focus on the most important aspect of the case, my recovery. I truly appreciate everything they did and the support they provided. My case was settled, and I was extremely happy with the outcome. I am now in the process of successfully rebuilding my life thanks to GoldenbergLaw.”

Shad I, 2019
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“Great communication! I am very happy with my experience with GoldenbergLaw, they accomplished everything they said they would. I, like many people, was a bit uneasy about having to deal with the legal system but GoldenbergLaw made me feel very comfortable. They explained things to me layman’s terms instead of legal jargon, which made me understand how everything would go down. I highly recommend them to others.”

Tim W, 2017
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“I’ve been working with GoldenbergLaw for three years, now, and have been very satisfied with their service. Everyone I’ve ever interacted with over there has been polite and helpful. Over the years, Laura, my very competent attorney, has become a friend, as well. In many ways, it wasn’t like interacting with a business, at all. It felt more like talking with family members, and I really appreciated how personable and professional the company is. 5/5!”

Don S, 2017
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“I had a great experience with GoldenbergLaw. I am happy with how everything turned out and had no problems with the service. They did the job and got me the results I wanted. The employees I worked with were professional, helpful, and pleasant. I also liked that they were informative and explained everything clearly. This was my first time using them and if I need to in the future, I would use them again.”

Keith W, 2017
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“I called and started working with Stuart at GoldenbergLaw a number of years ago about a medical device case, and he was wonderful to work with. When we started out, he wasn’t even familiar with the product. But he did some research, got back to me, and said he would take on the case. And then he took the case, and I worked with him and Marlene Goldenberg during the last couple of years. We got the case settled, but I wasn’t pleased with the outcome–which didn’t have anything to do with them. They tried to work around a federal law that we couldn’t seem to get past in court.”

Paul A, 2017
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“I researched 3 other companies online and I chose GoldenbergLaw, PLLC because they were the closest located to me and their pricing was competitive.Their services were over a span of 5 years and during that time they were super responsive both online and on the phone when I reached out and with checking in routinely with me. I felt the attorney was professional and even called me after normal hours to give me advice about when to have the surgery. I would recommend them.”

Jeanette P, 2017
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“I would give GoldenbergLaw, PLLC a 10 if I could. Every time I had a problem (which was often) they were always there for me. Even if they didn’t answer my call right away, they always made sure to return every call that I had.
They handled everything very professionally. I only used them the one time but we were going at it for several years and I was in contact with them for 2 to 3 years because of it. They were there for me because I needed a lot and they handled it for me.”

Audrey R, 2017
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“This was my first experience with GoldenbergLaw and they really were great and so easy to work with. They were quick to respond to me whenever I had any questions and that really stood out to me. They are thorough with their work and really made everything hassle-free for me. I absolutely recommend them! 5 stars across the board!!”

Linda S, 2016
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“GoldenbergLaw was referred to me by surgeon. I got the verdict I was looking for for my hip replacement lawsuit. Laura Pittner was professional, cordial and personable. I was kept informed/ updated throughout the entire process.”

Donald B, 2016
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“GoldenbergLaw contacted me about the titanium piece in my hip replacement. They seek to help me to pay for the operation that is needed for the second hip replacement that I need. They notified me once a month to keep me updated on the progress.”

Michael T, 2016
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“GoldenbergLaw acted as mediator with a law suit that helped me get some reimbursements for a hip replacement that went bad. So, they were always proactive about keeping us informed and they made sure to explain everything very well, including how things were moving forward. They were very professional, timely, always personable and friendly and my lawyer, she was very good, very personable, caring, informative and courteous.”

Mary K, 2016
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“I had a great experience with GoldenbergLaw firm, and I would consider using them again. They are trustworthy people. My lawyer, was the best part of the experience. She was really friendly and concerned. She cares about her job and the person that she works for. It was easy to reach her and get any information I needed. In the end she was able to get me some restitution. I have already recommended them several times.”

William R, 2016
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“My case with GoldenbergLaw has finally closed, but I worked with them for several years. I had wanted to work with a local law firm. When I gave them a call I was able to speak personally with Stuart Goldenberg. He impressed me with his knowledge and experience so I decided to use their services, and I am happy that I did. The case took about four years to finalize, but throughout that time I felt that they paid the proper attention to my situation. They were always more than happy to update me on my case, and answer any questions that I had. The communication I had with Laura Pittner, was especially great. She always called me right back, and provided me with any information that I might need. Everyone I worked with seemed personable, knowledgeable, and honest. I always received positive feedback, and they were able to explain things thoroughly. Stuart had been very upfront about expectations and fees. When it was all over I got the outcome I had expected, and was very satisfied with their help.”

David S, 2015

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