Why Do Motorcycle Accidents Peak in the Spring and Summer?

As the weather gets nicer and the sun comes out during the spring and summer, more people venture outside and the roads get busier. With the busier roads comes an increased risk of getting into a motorcycle accident

Spring and Summer Factors Leading to Dangerous Roads: 

  • Increased amount of traffic congestion due to road trips and vacations
  • Increased amount of new drivers on the road 
  • Road construction due to the favorable weather
  • Increased risk of drinking and driving, especially around holidays such as Memorial Day and the Fourth of July 

In America, the majority of fatal motorcycle accidents occur in June, July, and August. Minnesota’s fatal motorcycle accident statistics are no exception. 

Below are the 2019 motorcycle crash statistics from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety

    • January: 1 crash 
    • February: 0 crashes
    • March: 14 crashes
    • April: 43 crashes
    • May: 132 crashes
    • June: 181 crashes
    • July: 172 crashes
    • August: 179 crashes 
    • September: 127 crashes
    • October: 73 crashes
    • November: 7 crashes
    • December: 1 crash 

Although the Minnesota Department of Public Safety has not released the official 2020 crash statistics, the preliminary results show that motorcycle deaths increased by 43% since 2019. 

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