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Leah Taylor Mattsen

Leah Taylor Mattsen

Role At GoldenbergLaw

I work on the Valsartan and Zantac litigations.
  • University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
  • Majors: Political Science and History
  • Class of 2021
  • I look forward to being able to learn how to help each client individually to ensure they feel taken care of and informed while working with us. I also look forward to working on some of the largest mass tort litigations in history, and how to navigate the different avenues a client’s case may take us because of that.
  • The legal field is interesting to me because there are so many different facets of law a person can study and practice. In my mind, personal injury and products liability law are some of the most important areas to practice in because it means you’re able to help clients get the justice they deserve and hold the negligent party accountable.
  • I love doing anything and everything that gets me outside. Some of my main outdoor hobbies include rock climbing, backpacking, golfing (AKA: ground baseball for me), and downhill skiing in the winter. Otherwise, I love trying out new restaurants, spending time with family and friends, and curling up to a good book.

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