Samsung Recalls Galaxy Note 7

Posted on 09/15/2016Back

Samsung has issued a voluntary recall for its Galaxy Note 7 over concerns that faulty component parts can cause the battery to explode. Risks of explosion seem to increase when the battery is charging, placing people, their homes, and their possessions in danger of injury or destruction by fire. NBC News reports that Samsung has issued a software update that should keep the phones from exploding while charging, but it is still best to simply return your Note 7 for an exchange or replacement.

Samsung has yet to issue an official recall of the product. The Wall Street Journal reports that this has left many consumers frustrated and confused over just how serious this issue is. Samsung has told the Washington Post that it is continuing to work with the Consumer Product Safety Commission to “develop and evaluate solutions that are best for US Note 7 owners.” However, failure to issue an official recall may send the message that there is no real risk posed to users. This is, tragically, not true.

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