Oral Contraceptive May Result in Unintended Pregnancy

Posted on 06/12/2017Back

Time Magazine reports that a packaging error on a popular oral contraceptive may render the product useless and result in unwanted pregnancy. According to the article, a recent batch of Mibelas 24 F-E, a chewable oral contraceptive manufactured by Lupin Pharmaceuticals, was packaged in reverse order. This error places non-hormonal placebo pills in place of active tablets. If taken in this order, the contraceptive may not work, and the result could be disastrous for women who rely on the medication for birth control.

Time reports that the pills, in 28-count blister packs, were distributed nationwide to “wholesalers, clinics, and retail pharmacies.” If you currently take Mibelas 24 F-E, it is best to discuss the issue with your healthcare provider right away. If you have questions about the recall, Lupin Pharmaceuticals is accepting calls during normal business hours at 800-399-2561.

Packaging errors can render a medication useless. They can also lead to potentially deadly complications, particularly for patients who are physically vulnerable. When a pharmaceutical manufacturer is negligent in its duty to ensure proper packaging, warning labels, and contents, you have every right to hold the company accountable and seek compensation for all related damages.

The Minneapolis dangerous medication attorneys at GoldenbergLaw are here to hold careless drug makers accountable for their negligence, and to help victims of these giant corporations secure the total compensation they are due.

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