Minnesota Looks to Add Two Sites to Superfund List

Posted on 07/26/2014Back

At GoldenbergLaw, we understand that exposure to toxic materials is exceptionally dangerous and can be lethal. As toxic tort lawyers, we keep a close eye on developments in Minnesota related to chemical exposure and hazardous materials.

The state’s Pollution Control Agency has proposed adding two sites to Minnesota’s list of Superfund sites. A Superfund site is a place where hazardous waste is located, possibly affecting the environment and the people nearby. The first is the former Exclusive Cleaners site in Worthington, which is in southwest Minnesota, and the second is the Spring Park Municipal Wells site near Lake Minnetonka.

At issue are chlorine solvents, which are designed to dissolve organic materials and can damage the body when inhaled or absorbed through the skin. Our Minnesota personal injury lawyers urge everyone in the area of these two sites to educate themselves on the dangers.

The MPCA has issued a fact sheet the Exclusive Cleaners site here.

Chemical exposure is a serious issue in Minnesota and throughout the country. Our personal injury lawyers want you to be safe.

If you’re a Minnesota resident and you need a personal injury lawyer with experience in chemical exposure cases and toxic torts, please contact GoldenbergLaw today for a free consultation.

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