Michaels Craft Store Recalls Popular Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps

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Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps Causing Fires and Electric Shocks

Himalayan rock salt lamps can cause fires and electric shocks. Here’s how:

  • the power cord/dimmer switch can overheat
  • once the cord/switch is hot enough, it can cause the entire lamp to ignite
  • once the cord/switch is hot enough, it can cause the lamp to emit an electric shock

Those lamps don’t sound very relaxing. Frankly, we don’t know whether to feel heated or shocked!

Lumière Brand Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps from Michaels

A Himalayan rock salt lamp is a vertical oval-shaped chunk of pink-orange or white salt with a cavity in the middle. A light bulb is placed inside the cavity. When the light bulb is plugged in, it lights up the salt, causing the salt to emit orange-pink light. The chunk of salt can be mounted on a wooden or metal stand. A Himalayan rock salt lamp can range in size from just a few inches tall by a few inches wide, to about one foot tall by six inches wide. And it can range in weight from three to 50 pounds. Some claim that these lamps are not only decorative, but can also offer health benefits. However, claims that Himalayan salt lamps offer any health benefits have never been scientifically proven.

Which Models of Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps Sold at Michaels Have Been Recalled?

Only certain models of Himalayan rock salt lamps have been recalled for causing fires and electric shocks. On January 10, 2017, Michaels recalled about 80,000 lamps which meet the following conditions:

  • Sold at Michaels
  • Lumière brand
  • Rock of Gibraltar (model)
  • Stockkeeping Unit (SKU) #: 495144
  • Universal Product Code (UPC) #: 00886946056253
  • Carnival of Lights (model)
  • Stockkeeping Unit (SKU) #: 495433
  • Universal Product Code (UPC) #: 00886946058325
  • Basket of Rocks (model)
  • Stockkeeping Unit (SKU) #: 495146
  • Universal Product Code (UPC) #: 00886946056277

If You Have a Lumière Salt Lamp, Return It Immediately for a Full Refund

Luckily, these lamps haven’t burned or shocked anyone yet. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (USCPSC) wants to keep it that way. The USCPSC recommends that anyone who owns a Lumière Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp should immediately return it to Michaels for a full refund.

Contact Michaels Craft Store or the USCPSC With Questions and to Report an Incident

If you have any questions, you can call Michaels at 800-642-4235, or visit Michaels’ website. If you bought a Lumière Himalayan Salt Lamp at Michaels, and it started on fire or shocked you, call the USCPSC at 800-638-2772, or visit the USCPSC website to report the incident.


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