Mazda Recalls 174,000 Vehicles for Seat Defect

Posted on 02/16/2017Back

Mazda has issued a recall for 174,000 vehicles due to a defect that allows the driver’s seat to detach from its frame. When detached, the driver’s seat of these vehicles will change angles, placing everyone in the vehicle – and anyone driving close by – at risk for serious or fatal injury.

Models impacted by this recall are:

  • Model year 2010 to 2011 Mazda 3
  • Model year 2010 to 2011 Mazdaspeed 3
  • Model year 2011 Mazda 2

If you have one of these vehicles, you are encouraged to contact your local dealer immediately to schedule repairs.

Vehicle defects often lead to injury and death, but not everyone is informed of recalls. If you are not the first owner of a vehicle or if you have moved since your purchase, you may not get timely recall information. It is even possible that you won’t be notified at all. This is why it is a good habit to occasionally use the vin lookup tool at SafeCar.Gov to see if your vehicle has been recalled without your knowledge.

Even in cases where you are notified, a recall does not protect a negligent auto manufacturer from liability when their poor design or production causes injury or death. If you or someone you love has suffered injury from a defective vehicle, our Minneapolis product liability attorneys can help. With decades of combined experience and a proven record of securing maximum compensation for our clients, we have the resources and tenacity required to help you get every penny you are due.

To schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help, please contact GoldenbergLaw today. We serve victims of negligent corporations in St. Paul, Minneapolis, and throughout the nation.


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