Longstanding Consumer Product Comes Under Fire

Posted on 03/31/2016Back

Please contact our experienced Minneapolis defective product attorneys if you're a consumer who was injured through no fault of your own.Some users of the well-known Old Spice deodorant are learning that just because a product is well-established and widely-distributed doesn’t always mean that it’s safe.

A recent class-action lawsuit against the brand’s maker, Procter & Gamble, alleges that several different Old Spice products may cause severe rashes, irritation, and even chemical burns. Plaintiffs have filed a complaint dated March 11, 2016 in the U.S. District Court of Southern Ohio, where P&G is headquartered. The complaint includes several first-person accounts from people who believe they were inadvertently injured by Old Spice products.

Here is a selection of those accounts:

“My son has been using Old Spice Swagger Deodorant and has a rash in his armpit that is red and burning.”

“The fourth day I woke up to very bad burns which would only get worse throughout the day. Now a week later they hurt so bad I can’t reach my arms up and the burns are very big on both armpits.”

“I have used Old Spice Pure Sport in the past. We bought a new kind in bulk and I had used it for around 6 months. I switched back to Pure Sport and within minutes my armpits started burning. The next day my underarms were chaffed severely.”

” My husband used Old Spice deodorant for the first time in years. He has burns that are red-purple under BOTH his armpits!!”Consumer complaints such as these have been documented through online blogs as well as YouTube videos. The lawsuit, which names several varieties of Old Spice deodorant, also alleges that P&G failed to properly warn consumers about changing its chemical formula or the possibility for severe skin reactions.

If you’re a consumer who’s been injured by an everyday product, please contact GoldenbergLaw to discuss your case with one of our experienced defective product attorneys. Our lawyers are committed to achieving justice on behalf of people who have been harmed through no fault of their own. You can reach our personal injury law firm online through this website or by calling 612-436-5026.

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