Lawyers Allege GM Covered Up Ignition Switch Issues

Posted on 03/03/2015Back

Since the recall of more than two million General Motors vehicles in 2014 over potentially deadly ignition switch malfunctions, the big questions have been: what did GM know and when did the company know it? Now, two lawyers handling personal injury cases related to the recall allege that the auto maker engaged in a cover-up.

GM has long denied any cover-up, but the lawyers, Lance Cooper and Jere Beasley, said in a recent conference call that their investigations revealed evidence of one. According to CNBC, the lawyers said that the evidence would be revealed when the first class-action cases come to trial.

It’s important not to pre-judge any allegations, and the legal system will evaluate the merit of the claims against GM. However, Americans can be forgiven for any cynicism they may feel toward General Motors, which put millions of lives in danger as a result of their faulty work.

GoldenbergLaw’s Minneapolis personal injury lawyers will continue to monitor developments in the GM ignition switch cases. Should it be proven that General Motors engaged in an active cover-up, that would represent a new and troubling development in this case.

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