July Is National Cell Phone Courtesy Month

Posted on 07/08/2016Back

National Cellphone Courtesy month is intended to encourage more thoughtful use of cellphones in general. You can help honor the intention of this month by changing how you use your phone while operating your vehicle.

A passenger grabbing the steering wheel while a woman is on the phoneThe truth is, there is no safe way to use a cell phone while driving. 26 percent of all car accidents involve cell phone use – and that includes those presumably safer hands-free options. Clearly, the only way to actually reduce your risks of causing one of these accidents is by not using your phone for any purpose while driving. This includes the obvious texting and dialing – the former of which is illegal in Minnesota, even while in traffic or stopped by a signal – but extends to things like programming GPS, changing podcasts or music, or even the simple act of checking the time. Your safest bet? Turn your phone off and place it out of reach while you drive. This will ensure you do not engage in any cellphone-related activities that may increase your risks for harming yourself and others.

This National Cellphone Courtesy month, commit to putting an end to distracted driving by not using your phone while on the road. If you are injured by someone who has not committed to this safe and sane method of driving, call our Minneapolis office at 612-436-5026 to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help.

Our Minnesota personal injury attorneys have been helping victims of distracted drivers for decades. We are here to take your case and fight for your rights, and to help ensure you are provided the full compensation you are due.

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