Is This Medical Device Killing People?

Posted on 09/08/2015Back

The dangers of blood clot prevention drugs like Pradaxa have been much publicized in recent years. However, a new blood clot prevention method – an implanted device – may be equally if not more dangerous than its prescription counterparts.

Inferior vena cava (IVC) filters are placed in the largest vein in the body with the goal of catching blood clots and not allowing them to pass into a person’s body. Blood clots can cause heart attacks, strokes, and even wrongful death if they cause a stoppage in blood flow. Therefore, surgeons may place an IVC filter in people that may develop blood clots in an attempt to protect them from such serious complications.

However, the Recovery filter by Bard has caused at least 27 deaths and hundreds of other complications as the filter have been known to move about within a person’s body, causing horrible damage. There have also been cases where pieces of the filter broke off and traveled to another part of the body causing damage and even death. These filters are incredibly difficult to remove once implanted, and many patients have suffered injuries from their filter long after the threat of blood clots has passed. Our defective device attorneys are also investigating IVC filters manufactured by Cook Medical and Boston Scientific. Read more about damages caused by faulty IVC filters here.

If you or a loved one has suffered because of a faulty IVC filter or because the filter migrated elsewhere, causing bleeding, tissue damage, or any other negative symptoms, our defective device attorneys can help. At GoldenbergLaw, our lawyers have experience helping the injured or the suffering seek financial compensation from those that caused their suffering.

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