Is the Maximum BAC Lower for Truck Drivers in Minnesota?

Posted on 11/28/2014Back

In the state of Minnesota, the legal intoxication threshold for drivers of commercial vehicles is a .04 BAC. This is in contrast to non-commercial drivers, for whom the threshold is .08.

This lower threshold was set in recognition of the danger posed by commercial vehicles when they are operated by an intoxicated person. At GoldenbergLaw, our Minnesota truck accident lawyers understand just how dangerous these large commercial trucks are. Operating one while intoxicated is absolutely unacceptable.

Drunk driving is a serious problem in Minnesota and across the country. This is true for civilian vehicles as well as large commercial trucks. But the increased size of the latter makes them undeniably unique threats.

The .04 BAC threshold does not apply to holders of commercial licenses when they are operating their personal vehicles for personal purposes.

Our truck accident lawyers are familiar with the complexity of truck accident litigation. We know how to thoroughly and professionally investigate these wrecks in order to determine if intoxication was involved.

If you live in Minnesota and need an experienced truck accident lawyer, please contact GoldenbergLaw today for a free consultation.

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