Food Safety: Do You have a Right to Know?

Posted on 03/15/2017Back

Does the FDA require food companies recalling tainted products to disclose where those products were sold?

Not traditionally. In fact, The Washington Post reports the FDA has stated that releasing a list of retailers carrying a potentially dangerous product constitutes “confidential commercial information” and therefore should not be made available to the public. But what kind of danger does this place consumers in?

Reporting on an E. coli outbreak linked to I.M. Healthy Brand SoyNut Butter, The Washing Post cited the FDA’s recall that simply stated, “[These] products were distributed in multiple states and may have been purchased in stores or through mail order. They were also distributed to childcare centers and schools in multiple states.” Which states and how many childcare centers and schools the FDA never says, leaving consumers responsible for determining if their SoyNut Butter is contaminated.

So far, 14 children and two adults have been made sick by this latest E. coli outbreak, resulting in five instances of kidney failure and eight hospitalizations. How many of these could have been avoided by the FDA providing relevant information to consumers is speculative, but one can’t help but wonder who such policies are intended to protect.

Contaminated foods, much like dangerous supplements and other consumables, place innocent people – often children – at serious risk for illness and death.

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