FDA Warns of Dangers of Anesthesia to Developing Brains

Posted on 12/14/2016Back

The Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning regarding the use of certain types of anesthesia in children and pregnant women. According to the release, “repeated or lengthy use of general anesthetic and sedation drugs during surgeries or procedures in children younger than 3 years or in pregnant women during their third trimester may affect the development of children’s brains.”

To help protect woman and children who may be harmed by anesthesia, the FDA is now requiring warning labels be placed on general anesthesia and sedation medications, and instruction healthcare professionals to carefully monitor the use of these drugs. Sadly, this warning comes only after damage has occurred and may fail to fully prevent injury in the future.

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Anesthesia can be medically necessary – even for small children – and should be used when needed. However, use of sedatives must be carefully measured and administered in a way consistent with accepted standards of patient care. If you suspect improperly administered or excessive exposure to a dangerous medication has caused brain damage in your child, please contact GoldenbergLaw to schedule free case evaluation. We serve families living throughout the nation.

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