Morgan Vanden Heuvel

Legal Assistant

About Me

Alma Mater

  • University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
  • Major: Sociology of Law, Criminology, and Deviance
  • Class of 2019

Start Date at GoldenbergLaw

  • June 2019

Role at GoldenbergLaw

What Interests Me About Working at GoldenbergLaw

  • This job is the perfect stepping stone before law school. I’m excited to have hands-on experience working up cases, communicating with clients, and building relationships with other employees in the firm. More specifically with product liability, I’m excited to learn the science and technology behind why these devices and drugs failed and help those who have suffered because of this negligence.

What Interests Me About The Law

  • I love helping people and the legal field is yet another way for me to step up for others. I hope to take what I have learned and use it to protect those who are vulnerable and need someone to stand up and correct the injustice done to them.


  • I love to travel! Whether it’s hiking in Switzerland, laying on a beach on St. Thomas, or road tripping around the U.S., I’ll be in!
  • I like watching shows, documentaries, and movies with friends and family on the weekends.
  • When I’m by myself, I like to sit and read. Harry Potter will forever be my favorite series of books.

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