Luc Mainguy

Legal Assistant

About Me

Alma Mater

  • University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
  • Majors: Political Science & Philosophy
  • Class of 2019

Start Date at GoldenbergLaw

  • June 2019

Role at GoldenbergLaw

What Interests Me About Working at GoldenbergLaw

  • Career-wise, I am looking forward to learning about private practice and the litigation process. I am trying to learn more about different legal specialties so I have a better idea of what I might want to practice after law school. I have already learned a lot about the medical regulatory scheme and how to read medical records, and I’m interested in learning more about how medications and medical devices are tested and even how they work. I didn’t expect to be as interested in the medical side as the legal side, but so far I’m finding them both equally intriguing.

What Interests Me About The Law

  • I really enjoy working with the law. I also enjoy that personal injury and products liability are very client-focused. It’s important to me that the law is accessible, both in terms of access to legal remedies and in terms of understanding. My job lets me help others understand the law and the legal process and to help those who are in need of the protection of the legal system.


  • I used to sail competitively when I was younger, and I still really enjoy getting out on the water every once in a while.
  • I enjoy cooking, travel, and meeting new people.
  • When I’m not doing any of those, you’ll probably find me reading something, whether a good book or trying to catch up with the news.

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