Joseph Coffey

Legal Assistant

About Me

Alma Mater

  • St. Olaf College
  • Major: History & Chinese
  • Class of 2017

Start Date at GoldenbergLaw

  • August 2019

Role at GoldenbergLaw

  • I am assigned to the Abilify & Zantac litigations.

What Interests Me About Working At GoldenbergLaw

  • I’m eager to learn to be an effective and compelling advocate for our clients by working alongside and learning from our team of experienced attorneys.

What Interests Me About The Law

  • I am interested in learning how a small law firm can most effectively make a public impact by influencing corporations to conduct business in a manner that keeps the safety and well-being of consumers as their top priority.


  • Get me outside! I’m always excited to take a paddle up in the Boundary Waters or head home to Oregon for a back-country ski trip with good friends. I also have a passion for running and all things running related. When indoors, I enjoy cooking, reading, and cheering on the Seahawks.


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