Driving Tests for Senior Citizens

Posted on 04/15/2013Back

The two demographics that cause the most motor vehicle accidents in the United States are teenagers and senior citizens. Although senior citizens have a lifetime of driving experience, declining motor skills and/or sensory perception may render them unfit for driving a vehicle.

Because of this, Minnesota requires most senior drivers to take a basic vision test in order to renew their license. The vision standard at Minnesota DDVS (Department of Driver and Vehicle Services) is 20/40 with or without eyewear, and peripheral (side) vision of 105 degrees.

If you do not meet these standards, you may be issued a Visual Acuity report and asked to see a licensed vision specialist, who will perform a more complete vision examination to decide whether or not you are able to drive safely.

In certain cases, senior drivers may have restrictions placed on their driver license, such as:

  • Must wear corrective lenses or glasses
  • Prohibited from driving at night
  • Prohibited from driving during rush hour
  • Prohibited from driving on the freeway
  • Required to have special mechanical devices on the vehicle
  • Required to have extra seat support for a safe driving position


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