Driving in Inclement Weather

Posted on 09/19/2013Back

Minnesotans are used to driving in poor conditions. Winters here can be brutal, but you still need to get to work and school when snow is falling. Summer storms are not much better. Driving in poor weather presents unique challenges, and the Minnesota car accident lawyers at GoldenbergLaw have seen the consequences when drivers don’t make the necessary adjustments.

While snow and rain can have effects that are beyond your control, drivers are still legally liable for their actions while driving in poor weather.

Our Minnesota car accident lawyers understand these obligations. They include:

  • Making the necessary adjustments in driving patterns (such as slowing down or activating headlights)
  • Equipping your car appropriately, especially with season-appropriate tires
  • Keeping your vehicle maintained so that it can be safely operated in bad weather

Minnesota law details these requirements.1If you’ve been hurt in an accident that occurred during inclement weather conditions you might have a claim against the other driver. The only way to know for sure is to speak to our car accident lawyers; we’ll evaluate your case and advise you how to proceed.

If you’re looking for a Minnesota car accident lawyer with experience in inclement weather accidents, please contact GoldenbergLaw today for a free consultation.

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