Drivers Will Need More Time Behind the Wheel

Posted on 01/21/2015Back

Young drivers in Minnesota will need to accrue more time behind the wheel before they can obtain a driver’s license under a law that took effect on January 1.

The law requires drivers to record at least 40 supervised hours behind the wheel before they can obtain a license, which is an increase from 30 hours under the previous law. That time increases to 50 hours if the primary supervisor declines to take optional training.

In addition, at least 15 of those hours must be at night, an increase from the previous requirement of 10 hours.

GoldenbergLaw’s auto accident lawyers urge teenagers training for their license to take that practice time seriously. The right to drive is a wonderful thing, but a car can be dangerous if you are not properly trained.

It’s important that young drivers learn the fundamentals of defensive driving and safe operation of a vehicle. New drivers should also learn how to handle driving in Minnesota’s harsh winter weather conditions.

For more information on new laws taking effect in 2015, you can view this release from the state legislature.

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