Design and Manufacturing Flaws Continue to Put Drivers in Danger

Posted on 11/07/2013Back

Despite decades of research and advances in technology, we still see hundreds of motor vehicle recalls per year due to potentially fatal design and/or assembly defects. The Minnesota car accident lawyers at GoldenbergLaw find this trend to be very troubling and are prepared to help you if you’ve been hurt by a defective vehicle.

According to an October 2013 report in Automotive News, a new “light-vehicle” recall has been announced “every two to three days on average” over the last couple years. Further, the number of cars and light trucks recalled has routinely exceeded the number of new vehicles sold.

In the past three years alone, there have been 570 vehicle recalls potentially affecting more than 65 million vehicles.

Some of the most serious problems have involved:

  • Gasoline/Fluid Fires;
  • Impaired Operation;
  • Safety Devices;
  • Electrical Fires; and
  • Loss of Control.

Luckily, many recalls are announced before people are hurt. Sometimes, however, it takes reports of serious injury or death to prompt the manufacturer to issue a recall.

Certain lots of Firestone Tires, recalled in 2001, killed over 100 people due to design flaws that caused Ford SUVs to roll over. In the end of 2009 and beginning of 2010, Toyota initiated a series of recalls due to a problem involving unintended acceleration, which affected over 9 million vehicles. The alleged death toll was over 50, and there were hundreds of injuries.

At GoldenbergLaw, our Minnesota car accident lawyers have experience in pursuing these cases. Our experts can determine if your accident was caused by a defective vehicle or vehicle part and if there is a pattern of similar accidents that resulted from the same flaws.

We can pursue justice and compensation on your behalf using our decades of experience in the field.

If you believe you have been hurt by a defective vehicle or part and you want to speak to our Minnesota car accident lawyer about your case, please contact GoldenbergLaw today for a free consultation.

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