Counterfeit Spinal Screws Rock Medical Community

Posted on 11/21/2014Back

An explosive report by the Center for Investigative Reporting alleges that Spinal Solutions LLC sold counterfeit spinal screws meant to be inserted into the backs of patients suffering from debilitating injuries.

According to the story, Spinal Solutions mixed the counterfeit screws with legitimate screws, which are produced using expensive, precise, high-quality manufacturing processes. By contrast, the report says, the counterfeit screws were manufactured by a single machinist in Southern California, who was instructed by a Spinal Solutions representative to produce exact copies of the legitimate screws. Some hospitals billed insurance carriers up to $12,500 for one screw. Patients suffered as Spinal Solutions reaped large profits.

At GoldenbergLaw, our personal injury lawyers understand how dangerous defective drugs and medical devices are. However, this case is unique in the brazen audacity of Spinal Solutions – most defective devices are the result of negligent design or manufacture, not deliberate fraud.

The FDA was first notified of the counterfeit screws by a whistleblower in 2011, and Spinal Solutions ceased operations after a massive recall in 2013.

The CIP report claims Spinal Solutions enticed surgeons to use the screws with lavish trips and substantial payments. As a result, the screws ended up in patients across the country. Many of these patients have filed lawsuits seeking compensation for the pain and suffering caused by the fraudulent screws.

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