Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Posted on 10/23/2013Back

It goes without saying that Minnesota roads are shared by cars, trucks, and motorcycles. However, when the road is not shared responsibly, the motorcyclist is more likely to suffer the consequences. Although this should mean that drivers of other vehicles are even more careful, it is often not the case.

The Minneapolis motorcycle accident lawyers at GoldenbergLaw have the experience to investigate your accident and determine its specific cause, no matter where you live in Minnesota.

Most motorcycle accidents are rooted in the same cause: negligence. Our Minneapolis accident lawyers have seen the ways reckless and irresponsible behavior from other drivers can hurt innocent motorcyclists.

Specific causes for these accidents often include:

  • Distracted driving (such as texting while driving);
  • Failure to keep a proper lookout;
  • Aggressive driving and an unwillingness to share the road;
  • Driving while intoxicated;
  • Failure to indicate a lane change with a turn signal; and
  • Failing to check blind spots when turning or changing lanes.

These are just a few examples. At GoldenbergLaw, we have experienced and dedicated Minnesota accident lawyers who are willing to stand up for motorcyclists. We have successfully litigated and tried many motorcycle accident cases, including those requiring us to thoroughly investigate the accident and prove liability.

If you’re a Minnesota resident looking for a skilled Minneapolis accident lawyer, please contact GoldenbergLaw today for a free consultation.

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