Check the Label Before Considering a Drug Injury Lawsuit

Posted on 05/02/2016Back

There are risks associated with every prescription drug or medical device.

The instances in which you may want to enlist advice from an experienced personal injury attorney who has litigated dangerous drug lawsuits sometimes stem from the fact that those risks were not properly identified to consumers.

This is one of many reasons that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration maintains strict guidelines about how drugs and other medical products are supposed to be labeled and marketed. According to federal law, every pharmaceutical product must go to market with the following clearly-distinguishable consumer information:

  • Box and package warnings
  • Detailed patient instructions
  • Information about potential drug contraindications
  • Suggested precautions when taking the drug
  • Information about adverse reactions

If you were prescribed a drug and then experienced severe adverse reactions that were not specifically outlined in that drug’s consumer information, you may have a dangerous drug lawsuit.

If you believe you were harmed by a drug or medical device, and that the warnings and risks associated with this product were not adequately outlined to you by a doctor, pharmacist or other qualified medical personnel, please contact the personal injury attorneys at GoldenbergLaw today to find out more about our success litigating dangerous drug cases: 612-436-5026.

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