Causes of Brain Injuries

Posted on 02/27/2015Back

The proximate cause of every brain injury in Minnesota is some form of trauma to the head. But our brain injury lawyers understand that’s far too simplistic an explanation.

We understand that discussions of brain injury causes need to go deeper and examine the liability involved. This means a thorough investigation into the accident that hurt you and that accident’s true genesis.

GoldenbergLaw’s brain injury lawyers have helped clients who suffered brain injuries in:

Of course, negligence is not restricted to a set of easily definable criteria. You can suffer head trauma in many different environments and as a result of many different poor decisions.

GoldenbergLaw is capable of handling all of those environments and decisions. We respect the seriousness of your brain injury and your need for adequate compensation.

If you’ve suffered a brain injury in Minnesota and need an experienced lawyer, please contact GoldenbergLaw or call us at 612-436-5026 for a free consultation.

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