A former client of GoldenbergLaw recently wrote a short journal documenting his experience with our firm. This journal was also printed in the Fall 2020 edition of our newsletter, GLAW. His story is below: 

A few years ago, I was notified by a manufacturer that I had received contaminated medical supplies. The use of these medical supplies resulted in a significant and life-changing infection, physical damage, and disability to me. It would take me years to regain a level of functionality and recovery. The impact on my life was felt physically, emotionally, and financially.

I was hospitalized with a life-threatening infection that caused catastrophic damage to my joints and my body. Multiple treatments, therapy, and surgeries led to complications, which only increased the physical, emotional, and financial issues I faced. I struggled with depression and anger, often feeling alone and having no one to turn to. A family friend recommended I contact GoldenbergLaw. He felt this law firm would be a good fit for my type of case. I contacted GoldenbergLaw immediately, and they scheduled an intake interview and a meeting based on my availability.

The meeting went well, and Mr. Goldenberg and Mr. Lauricella answered all of my questions and even answered some questions I did not even think to ask. I left the meeting that day feeling like I found a dedicated team that really cared about me and what I was going through. They made themselves available to me at any hour and provided a supportive environment that allowed me to focus on my upcoming surgeries and the long road to recovery. My team at GoldenbergLaw was thorough. They took the time to explain the process and set realistic expectations for my case. They explained that the case process was slow and tedious at times because they needed to obtain information and medical records, they needed to understand the timeline, and they needed to engage experts to build the best possible case. I was in contact with them on a monthly basis (more frequently if I needed to be) providing them with updates on my recovery process and all of the medical appointments, therapy, and surgeries that were scheduled.

As my case progressed I faced many challenges emotionally, physically, and financially. The support I received from my team at GoldenbergLaw allowed me to focus on what was important: dealing with the physical challenges and the adaptations I would need to make in my life in order to pursue a full recovery. The firm’s dedication to my case and the collective expertise they brought on my behalf resulted in a positive outcome. This result allowed me to rebuild my life and to find new ways to thrive despite the ongoing challenges I would continue to face. Even after my case had resolved, my GoldenbergLaw team continued to remain in contact with me. They checked on me and my progress and continued to support me on my road to recovery.

My experience with everyone at GoldenbergLaw was truly amazing. So much so that when a friend reached out and asked if I knew an attorney who could help her I did not hesitate to recommend the GoldenbergLaw firm. I am confident that they will do everything they can to help her reach a similar result.

How GoldenbergLaw Can Help You

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