The sudden loss of a loved one is devastating enough, but the preventable loss of a loved one is inexcusable. If your spouse, child, parent, or significant other has been killed in an accident caused by another person’s negligence, then you deserve the justice, emotional closure, and accountability that a wrongful death claim can provide.

At GoldenbergLaw, we have the specialized experience, resources, and compassion necessary to fight for their memory. Contact our Minneapolis wrongful death attorneys today to learn how we can help.

Wrongful Death Case Quick Facts

Wrongful Death Experience

When we represent a family, we take the time to learn about them and their loved one. We want to see their pictures, the cards they wrote, and hear what they meant to you. In order to properly represent a family, we want to know where their loved one grew up, what motivated them, and how they interacted with their family.

A death caused by another party’s negligence can occur in many circumstances. GoldenbergLaw has handled wrongful death cases involving:

Wrongful Death Statistics

Every year, over 90,000 deaths occur due to medical negligence, over 40,000 deaths occur due to motor vehicle fatalities, almost 20,000 deaths occur due to unsafe premises, and over 5,000 deaths occur due to workplace accidents.

GoldenbergLaw Can Help

We are genuinely sorry for your loss. While we understand that nothing we can do will make the pain go away completely, we hope that we can help to ease the pain and bring you the justice that you deserve. Contact GoldenbergLaw and find out if one of our Minneapolis based wrongful death attorneys can help you out.

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GoldenbergLaw offers free consultations to those who believe they may have a claim. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us: there is no charge and there is no obligation.

True Story

On a warm August day, “Sophie,” a young Minnesota woman, was driving her car across the 35W Bridge in Minneapolis. Suddenly, the entire bridge collapsed, and her car plummeted more than 60 feet into the Mississippi River. Sophie and 13 other people were killed, and another 145 people were injured.

GoldenbergLaw was hired to help represent Sophie’s family as well as two other seriously injured victims. Along with 17 other law firms, GoldenbergLaw assembled a team to help represent the bridge collapse victims. To further examine this case, we hired some of the best investigators and engineers in the world. We learned that the bridge was built without redundancy and that the gusset plates were too thin. Through the review of thousands of documents, we also became aware that a bridge consulting company called URS had previously given advice to the state about the bridge’s integrity. Lastly, we identified that the bridge’s structure was further compromised due to a construction company placing 578,000 pounds of construction equipment on it.

Our team of firms commenced a lawsuit against URS and the construction company. Although the army of lawyers hired by both companies fought hard against liability, the case ultimately obtained a settlement of 52.4 million dollars, and additional money was paid by the construction company. All told, almost 100 million dollars were recovered. Sophie’s family and the other victims received justice as well as the knowledge that we were willing to fight for what was right for them and the public’s safety. As a result, GoldenbergLaw received the Award of Professional Excellence from the Minnesota State Bar Association.

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