Xarelto Settlement: Bayer and Johnson & Johnson Settle Xarelto Lawsuits for $775 Million

Posted on 03/26/2019Back

On March 25, 2019, Johnson & Johnson and Bayer agreed to settle about 25,000 Xarelto lawsuits for $775 million. The plaintiffs claim the companies failed to warn about the potentially fatal bleeding that can occur when taking the drug. The Xarelto settlement will be split evenly between the two companies.

What Are the Details Behind the Settlement?

Bayer AG and Johnson & Johnson jointly developed Xarelto as a first line of defense against strokes and blood clots. However, unlike its competitor, Warfarin, where Vitamin K can be administered if a person begins bleeding internally, Xarelto, does not have an antidote for bleeding.

The Plaintiffs argued that the recommended dosage of Xarelto caused an unreasonable risk of bleeding. They also claimed the defendants failed to test a lower dose to see if it had a more favorable risk-benefit profile for prevention of venous thromboembolism. The defendants claimed the drug was life-saving and the FDA approved it.

There were a number of bellwether trials. The defendants won all of but one of them and ultimately were able to have the one plaintiff’s verdict overturned. Unfortunately, none of the trials resulted in a plaintiff being able to keep a verdict.

The deal ends claims in multidistrict litigation consolidated in Louisiana, as well as claims in state courts, including 2000 claims in Philadelphia. The settlement also resolves new claims filed by patients who retained a lawyer by March 11 and will file a suit by April 4, according to a statement from the plaintiffs’ attorneys.

The drug brought in $2.5 billion in revenues in 2018, placing it among the top-selling pharmaceutical products. Nearly 45 million patients have been prescribed Xarelto worldwide.

What Now?

Unfortunately, GoldenbergLaw can no longer accept new Xarelto claims. Existing clients will be hearing from their litigation team shortly with details on the next steps of the settlement. It is our hope that the Xarelto Settlement will help the plaintiffs move forward in their recovery and put this difficult chapter behind them. If you have any questions about Xarelto or the Xarelto settlement, please contact your legal assistant or attorney.

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