Lubrisine Eye Drops Recalled

Posted on 01/04/2019Back

On December 31, 2018, the FDA recalled Lubrisine Eye Drops after discovering the drops contained undeclared colloidal silver. The FDA also found that Results RNA LLC, the manufacturer of Lubrisine Eye Drops, was using manufacturing practices that do not support sterility.

Exposure to colloidal silver can result in permanent discoloration of the conjunctiva, or the mucous membrane that covers the front of the eyeball and lines the eyelids. In addition, using non-sterile eye drops could lead to a potentially sight-threatening eye infection.

The product is used to lubricate dry eyes. No adverse events have yet been reported from this recall. The affected products are:

  • All lots manufactured from Mary 12, 2012 forward
  • UPC code 9238230723
  • Packaged in a single 1 oz. dropper bottle

If you or a loved one experienced discoloration in your eye and/or an eye infection after using Lubrisine Eye Drops, contact GoldenbergLaw.

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