Ten Steps to Follow After an Auto Accident

HELP! I Was In An Auto Accident, What Do I Do?

This is a question we hear quite often from new clients who recently experienced a car accident. Being involved in an automobile accident can be a very scary experience. In addition to facing personal injuries and property damage, there are often legal authorities, insurance companies, and at-fault drivers to deal with as well. Below are a few things to keep in mind if you are ever involved in an auto accident.Auto Accident Infographic

  1. Be sure to stop if you are involved in an accident. No matter how minor, do not drive away from the scene of an accident without stopping to address the matter appropriately first.
  2. Call the police. It is important to involve the authorities. The police will evaluate the accident, take statements, and write a police report that will later be available to you and others involved.
  3. Be honest and accurate. The police may have questions for you about what happened. It is important to make an accurate record by being honest and accurate to the best of your ability. If there is something you don’t know, indicate that rather than trying to guess.
  4. Be visible. If it is nighttime or visibility to other drivers is a concern, do all you can to make your location and presence known to passing traffic to avoid anyone else hitting your vehicle. Turn on your vehicle lights, place flares if you have them, or use a flashlight.
  5. Take photos. If you or someone you trust is able to do so, take photos of your vehicle and the other vehicles involved, specifically focusing on any vehicle damage and license plates. If it is possible given the circumstances, take photos of your injuries as well.
  6. Exchange auto insurance information with the other driver.
  7. Seek medical attention. If you feel you may need medical attention, get it, right away. Then follow your doctor’s orders.
  8. Call your auto insurance carrier to report this incident. They will likely have several questions for you about what happened. They may at some point ask to take a recorded statement. In many states, you are allowed to decline having your statement recorded.
  9. Keep documents related to the incident in one place. Create a file or an electronic record to keep track of documents related to the accident.
  10. Consider your legal rights. Consult an attorney as soon as possible if you are injured. An attorney could assist in helping you understand your rights.

If you or a loved one suffered an injury in a car accident, contact the auto accident attorneys at GoldenbergLaw for a free consultation. We will deliver the Gold standard advocacy you deserve.

How Do You Know If Your Baby Has Rickets?

What Is Rickets?

Rickets is a bone disorder that is caused by vitamin D deficiency. It is characterized by the softening and weakening of the bones. Vitamin D absorbs calcium and phosphate in the body, so the lack of vitamin D in a child’s body causes their body to have difficulty maintaining proper calcium and phosphorous levels in the bones.

Calcium and phosphorous are vital minerals for the body. Calcium and phosphorous combine with one another to form a mineral crystal that gives structure and strength to the bones. When a child has rickets, calcium and phosphorous are not properly absorbed into the bones, thus making them weak and soft.

Neocate and Rickets

A 2017 study at Yale revealed that Neocate formulas were linked to bone fractures, broken bones, hypophosphatemia (low phosphate levels), and rickets. When participants in the study were switched to an alternative formula, they saw immediate improvement in calcium and phosphate levels, ultimately improving their skeletal development.

The link between Neocate and rickets is not something the defendant, Nutricia, warns consumers and doctors about.  The only warning given to parents about bone disorders and fractures was a March 2016 statement that children using Neocate as a primary or sole source of nutrition “should be routinely monitored by clinicians.”

Warning Signs of Rickets

If you suspect your child has rickets, there are a few signs and symptoms to look out for. Typical symptoms of rickets, include:

  • Fussy behavior
  • Soft skull
  • Bone tenderness
  • Stunted growth and development
  • Bone pain
  • Bowed legs
  • Wide joints (wrists, elbows, and knees)

If you think your child may have rickets, take them to the doctor immediately. They will conduct a physical exam and run blood tests and x-rays. Rickets can be a serious disease if left untreated.

GoldenbergLaw Can Help

If you’re concerned about Neocate and rickets and the effect on your child, you are not alone. GoldenbergLaw is currently accepting cases in which a child has taken Neocate and experienced serious bone disorders, low phosphate levels, rickets, spontaneous fractures, and/or broken bones. Please fill out the form below or give us a call. We will help you understand your rights and choices.

My Auto Accident: A Client’s Experience

We recently spoke with a former client who was gracious enough to share her experience from the day of her car accident and the difficult months that followed. It was our privilege to represent her on this case and to help with her recovery. We are in awe of her bravery for being willing to share her experience in the hopes it can help others.  Below is her story….

Walk us through the day of your accident. What happened?

My husband was driving, and I was the passenger. We went through an intersection on a green light. The car to our right was a little bit ahead of us, and suddenly, another car blasted through the intersection running a red light. They hit the car next to us with enough force that it hit the right front bender of our car almost taking the front end of the car clear off. Right after the accident, I got out of the car and tried to call 9-1-1, but I was shaking so hard that I wasn’t able to. I was taken to the hospital because I knew my ribs, neck, and back were injured, but I didn’t know to what degree. I was in so much pain. I compare it to childbirth because it was very intense pain.

What were your injuries? What treatments did you receive?

At the hospital, I got an X-ray done of my ribs, but nothing was broken. Even months after the accident, I was still in so much pain. I had to see an Osteopath for my injured ribs and went to physical therapy for my back. I found out that I had a pinched nerve in my left arm, and I wasn’t able to use my arm at all. I had a surgical spine surgery to release the nerve. The surgery revealed that I had osteoperosis, and so I had to get a cervical discectomy and fusion. After the surgery, I was able to use my arm again, but I was still in so much pain.

What are the lasting effects of your injuries?

There are things I can’t do anymore. I can only lift two- and three-pound weights at the gym. I don’t carry groceries, lift laundry baskets, can’t do yardwork or housework. It’s been difficult because I’ve always been such an active person, and these injuries have affected me for the rest of my life.

When did you decide to call GoldenbergLaw?

About six months after the surgery, I was still in so much pain and I thought, ‘this is ridiculous. I’m in so much pain, and this is not going to go away. I need money to help pay for all of the treatments I’m receiving.’ So I decided to call GoldenbergLaw to represent me. They had represented me before, and I had such a great experience with them both times. What really impressed me about Stuart was how he was so gentle and never made me feel stupid for being upset about the accident and my injuries. Marlene was also marvelous. They all worked so hard on my case to get me the compensation I needed.

What would you tell someone after being injured in an auto accident?

If you’re hurt and suffering, know that these injuries don’t always go away. And they kind of add up in your psyche. Don’t hesitate to call a lawyer. Don’t feel stupid. I will always be glad that I called GoldenbergLaw to represent me in my auto case. That money has been a lifesaver with all of the treatments I’ve had.


If you or a loved recently suffered an injury in an automobile accident, please contact the Minnesota Auto Accident Attorneys at GoldenbergLaw. We have over 30 years of experience litigating complex personal injury cases and will deliver the Gold standard advocacy and compassion you deserve. Leave the sleepless nights to us.