About Premises Liability

All premises liability cases involve an unsafe condition on someone’s property. A property owner is held to the standard of exercising reasonable care in the ownership and maintenance of their property. If a property owner fails to meet this standard and you are injured as a result of their negligent behavior, you might have a premises liability case. If you think you have a premises liability case, reach out to a premises liability attorney on our Minneapolis team.

Case Quick Facts

What is Premises Liability?

A case can be classified as premises liability if a property owner fails to exercise a standard of care legally owed to the injured person on their property.

How Long Do I Have to File a Claim?

The amount of time to file a premises liability claim in Minnesota is usually two years. This time frame is known as the statute of limitations. Each state has their own statute of limitations. This makes it important to talk to an attorney immediately after your accident.

Duty of Care and Causation

The issue of liability often revolves around the concepts of a “duty of care” and “foreseeability.” Since businesses and retailers expect patrons on their premises, they have a duty to ensure people aren’t exposed to hazards and dangers. Additionally, when construction is necessary or when the threat of crime is a possibility, property owners should foresee potential dangers and take action to either minimize or eradicate them.

In addition to proving liability, causation must also be proven in a premises liability claim. When proving causation, it must be shown that the defendant’s negligence was at least a substantial contributing cause of your injuries. The facts of a case play a major role in determining causation. An immediate investigation is often critical in documenting the facts that led to the incident. When we are hired, we immediately commence an investigation to secure the facts and evidence necessary to succeed with the case.

Relationships to the Property Owner

The extent in which a property owner is liable for injury occurring on their land differs depending on the property owner’s relationship to the injured person.

Invitee – Someone a property owner invites, either directly or implicitly, on to their property (ex: a contractor).

Licensee – This is someone invited on to the property, but where no legal contract exists between the two parties (ex: a social guest).

Trespasser – The property owner has a different level of liability to the trespasser depending on if they are aware the individual is on their property or not. If known, the property owner must attempt to remove any foreseeable hazards.

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True Story

“Bill” was an employee at a maintenance company. One day, he received a call about a water leak in the second story of an old, unoccupied barn. He spoke to the barn owner who told him of the problem and said to go to the second floor to fix the leak. In the conversation, the owner failed to tell Bill that the floor only covered half the upper level. Despite turning on a light, most of the second floor was dark. Bill could hear the leak, and as he stepped forward, the floor abruptly ended. He fell more than 25 feet to the floor below, fracturing his back and sustaining a brain injury. Despite these facts, the barn owner’s insurance company denied liability. Bill retained GoldenbergLaw, and we investigated the situation and initiated a lawsuit. We were able to prove the barn owner failed to warn of hidden dangers on the property and obtained a significant settlement for Bill.

Bridge Collapse

Structural collapses can shock communities, take lives and inflict catastrophic injuries on innocent victims. We work with top engineering experts to build solid injury claims on behalf of our clients. GoldenbergLaw was one of the law firms that worked on the 35W bridge collapse in Minneapolis. We successfully handled one wrongful death claim and two catastrophic injury claims arising from this tragedy.

Construction Accidents

Construction site injury cases are technical cases that require knowledge of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rules, building codes, and product liability law, as well as specific knowledge of the construction industry. The attorneys at GoldenbergLaw, PLLC have successfully represented hundreds of severely injured iron workers, roofers, framers, plumbers, electricians, drywall installers, and workers from other trades. These claims have involved: deaths, amputations, crush injuries, fractures, back surgeries, electrocutions, burns, and brain injuries. These are often claims that occur on the job. We will coordinate the workers’ compensation claim with the third party case against the other contractors to assure you of your maximum recovery.

Dog Bites

Dog owners have a responsibility to control their pets so they do not injure someone by biting them, on or off the dog owner’s property. If you have suffered a dog bite or dog attack injury, you are entitled to compensation from the responsible party or their insurance. We have extensive experience with these cases, and we want to help.

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