The Burden of
a Car Crash

Our car accident attorneys in Minnesota understand that your quality of life, your ability to earn and your sense of security all can be taken away in the time it takes for a negligent driver to look back at the road. For over 32 years, GoldenbergLaw has helped thousands of accident victims successfully recover physically, emotionally and financially. We know you have worries about long-term medical expenses, lost income, an inability to work, your family obligations as well as physical and emotional hardships. Our job is to guide you through these hard times and be your trusted advocate.

Case Quick Facts

Your Medical Expenses and Wage Loss

We will immediately help you understand how your bills will be paid and your wage loss reimbursed. This depends on the circumstances of your collision and what State’s law will apply. Since we represent auto victims in Minnesota and Wisconsin we will explain how these laws differ and how we can help you recover these losses,

Do Not Talk With the Defendant’s Insurance Company or the Defendant

What you say matters. We will need to prove fault against the Defendant and prove your injuries. Many times insurance companies will try to record your statement and later use it against you. Please let us help you. We will handle all communications and paperwork with the insurance company regarding your injuries and how the accident occurred.

We Will Meet You at the Hospital If Necessary

Our firm handles serious injury cases. Many times our clients cannot meet with us because they are in the hospital or bedridden. We will be happy to arrange coming to see you and we will take care of all of the paperwork.

Pursuing Compensation

Our firm works on a contingency fee. That means there is no fee unless we recover compensation for you. Regardless of the case, no lawyer can promise you a specific monetary award, and the compensation available in one case will not necessarily be available in others. However, we can usually pursue compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Projected costs associated with chronic or permanent injuries
  • Lost wages
  • Diminished earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Funeral expenses (in wrongful death cases)

Our experienced car accident lawyers in Minneapolis will explain the process to you with compassion and understanding. We’ll make sure our explanations are clear, and we’ll represent you with skill and passion.

GoldenbergLaw Can Help

Our firm has the experience and the resources to fully work up your case. We will front all costs and hire the best experts available. We can help you by:

  • Evaluating your case at a free initial consultation
  • Establishing a plan of action and keeping you updated
  • Investigating the crash and, if necessary, hiring an accident reconstruction specialist to prove fault
  • Obtaining all medical records and bills
  • Consulting with your treating doctors and other medical experts to provide an accurate understanding of the diagnosis of your injuries including what will happen to you in the future
  • If necessary, hiring vocational experts to assess loss in earning capacity due to new physical restrictions and life care planners to help you plan for the future
  • Put together a demand for settlement which will be approved by you
  • If negotiations are not fruitful then we will litigate your case and guide you through the process. However, most cases do settle before a trial is necessary
  • Try your case if necessary. We are excellent trial lawyers

Because each case is unique, our car accident lawyers take a customized approach to each individual client. We have been helping accident victims for decades and know what it takes to ensure accuracy and fairness when resolving a claim.

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Free Consultations

If you are in need of a car accident attorney in Minnesota or Wisconsin, reach out today and get a free consultation. There is no obligation and no fee unless we win you the case. Reach out today and leave the sleepless nights to us.

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True Story

Our middle-aged client was driving through an intersection when her car was suddenly struck by another vehicle barreling through a red light. The force was enough to spin her car into the next lane where it was hit a second time. Our client sustained numerous injuries, including fractures in her neck that required fusion surgery. After running the red light, the driver managed to hit another vehicle, drive onto an exit ramp, and plow through a snow bank.

Our client didn’t expect to be hit by a car as she legally drove through the intersection, yet the defendant’s insurance company was denying liability. They claimed the defendant had an unavoidable medical emergency. She came to GoldenbergLaw seeking to answer the question so many victims of negligence ask: What should I do?

The driver of the other vehicle had gone into diabetic shock. Diabetic shock is the result of blood sugar dropping to a level that is dangerously low. This can often be the result of not eating enough, exercising too much, or drinking alcohol without eating food. If someone is entering a diabetic shock they become dizzy, shaky, sweaty, anxious and irritable. If nothing is done to even out blood sugar levels, the individual becomes severely confused and can lose consciousness. Doctors often take care to educate diabetics about the signs and symptoms that arise if blood sugar levels are not carefully monitored. But is diabetic shock a defense for causing a car accident?

In the case of the driver who hit our client, we challenged this defense and litigated the case. After taking depositions and examining records, we proved the defendant had been diabetic for all of his adult life and was aware of the signs and symptoms associated with low blood sugar levels. On this particular day, he woke up with extremely low blood sugar levels, something unusual for him, but did nothing to remedy the issue throughout the day. In fact, he had not checked his levels for many hours. He got behind the wheel with these low levels and went into diabetic shock while traveling at highway speeds.

To further challenge this defense, we obtained an expert report which stated: “Just like someone who has had too much to drink, the defendant chose to get behind the wheel with diminished capacity.” This ultimately led to the defendant’s insurance company paying their policy limits and our client recovering the Underinsured Motorist (UIM) limits as well.

In this case, diabetic shock was not a defense.

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How to Document Your Car Accident

Step One: Get all relevant information from the other driver(s) involved. Many people already know this, but it’s worth emphasizing. Record their name, address, insurance information and license plate number.

Step Two: Take photos of the accident scene. A high-quality digital camera is ideal for this, but most modern cell phones have cameras. Make sure the shots are in focus. Try to take photos from as many angles as possible. Get all the involved vehicles captured along with any damage to surrounding features, such as trees or traffic barriers.

Step Three: Finally, car accidents generate a lot of paperwork: insurance forms, police reports, medical records and more. This paperwork is often tedious and time-consuming, but it’s invaluable evidence. Get copies of everything for your personal records. Reports generated by these entities are exceptionally valuable. We can help with the paperwork.

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The Cost of a Car Crash

Our attorneys understand that auto accidents come with physical, financial, and emotional costs.

Physical Costs
The physical costs of an auto accident can be catastrophic. Injury to the spinal cord or back can lead to traumatic brain injuries or paralysis. Severe burns, disfigurement, amputations, and wrongful death can be the result of another person’s negligence.

Financial Costs
Medical bills can pile up. Insurance companies rely on your inexperience in order to minimize the amount of money they pay to you – whether it is by pinning a portion of the blame on you or downplaying the severity of your injuries.

Emotional Costs
Catastrophic injuries sustained in an auto accident can also come with serious emotional distress – in many cases debilitating anxiety, depression, or trauma – that may not be included in insurance settlements.

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GoldenbergLaw boasts a team of highly skilled and experienced auto accident lawyers in Minneapolis. We have worked with auto accident cases for years, and this has helped us build a base of knowledge on the subject. With GoldenbergLaw, you can rest assured that your case is being handled by the very best.

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